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Well, unfortunately, we don’t have a magic wand. We wish we did. But we don’t. We can’t instantly or magically make your child better at math. Yet, with hard-work and consistent effort — your son or daughter will eventually earn better grades and—if they work hard enough— end up at the top of their class.


All of our tutoring programs are based on flexible month-to-month memberships with easy hassle-free refunds. We believe firmly in that. Businesses exist to serve customers. Our memberships are easy to pause, cancel, or switch. Your tutoring hours never expire. And left-over hours can always be refunded.


Get your son or daughter ready to graduate from high school with top-tier mathematics scores. We want colleges to look at your child and instantly recognize an elite student. You want your child to stand out. And we want to help make that possible. Our sole mission is to help students in Denver improve their math understanding & grades.


Get ready for lift-off. We are about to rocket your child towards success in mathematics. It won’t be overnight. It won’t be easy. But we can guarantee that it will be quicker and easier with one of our expert tutors helping you. Our math tutoring strategies focus on engagement. We have zero time for passive, boring lectures. 



We PROMISE TO be the ultimate support & life-raft for your child

We promise our tutoring sessions will be active & engaging 

We PROMISE to help your child improve their math grades

We promise to only send the best most outstanding math tutors

There comes a time when it gets too difficult to help your own child with math. Maybe the math itself is getting too hard. Or even more likely, your child is a teenager now and the parent-child relationship just makes it too challenging to sit down and efficiently teach them mathematics. Whatever the precise reason, many parents come to us seeking support and guidance for their child. They want a tutor who will help their student improve their math grades & understanding, sure, but they’re also looking for someone to serve as more of an aspirational mentor as well. Someone to help get their kid on the right track. A fresh start. A math tutor who will inspire them not only to improve at algebra or calculus, but also to think about what it is they really want out of life! 

Our tutors work hard to be good role models and to encourage students to think about how math applies to the real world. Many parents are thankful for this added benefit. Parents have told us how their student seems more centered now—focused, on track. And many mothers also tell us the relief they feel in having less stress. Once again they are able to feel joy in their life! They no longer have to constantly nag their own children. Even parents have reported newfound meaning and hope in their lives. They feel like they can finally breathe again. They have space. They have room to be themselves again and carve our their own identity. We love hearing feedback like this because it reinforces our belief in our purpose—to help systems in Denver improve their math grades, of course, but also to help entire family structures find more flow and meaning and purpose! That’s what we LIVE for!

We tutor children at every level from k-12 and beyond. Most commonly, though, we work with middle and school students. Some of the most popular subjects that we tutor are: algebra, geometry, and pre-calc.

Math tutor denver

two brothers, destined to make a difference

Eric earle

Director of tutoring


Andy Earle Denver Math Tutor

andy earle

director of content 


Brothers Eric and Andy Earle—each with over a decade of experience in tutoring and content, respectively—together created a local mathematics tutoring company right here in Denver. They wanted to do things the right way. They prioritized helping students over earning profits. Eric and Andy wanted to bring on and work with only the best most dedicated and inspired tutors imaginable. Both brothers agreed that they would rather turn away potential business than send out average tutors. They didn’t want this to be an average organization. They wanted to make an impact.




Building more mindfulness has been shown to decrease math anxiety and improve math performance.

TEST yourself

Recent research has shown that students who test themselves while studying score higher in math.

focus on concepts

When students appreciate that math is a field of deep concepts, they outperform their peers.

positive mindset

Yeah, it’s corny—think positive! But research shows that viewing math as a growth opportunity really works. 

ask questions

Students who ask open-ended questions—and verbalize their thinking—tend to succeed at math. 

real life

Thinking about how math relates to real-life scenarios is a proven method for mastering math.


Students who study without their phone present are more likely to persist longer, with more focus.

review mistakes

This is old advice that we all know. But few practice. It really works. It’s hard to improve without review.


Meta-cognition is thinking about thinking. It helps students understand their own reasoning.

our method

the math tutor denver approach to learning

We believe that mathematics should be taught using a few core principles. One of our strongest beliefs is that the attitude and mindset of the tutor is critical for the student’s success. And research backs this up. When teachers believe that anyone can learn anything, students perform better. When teachers are of the mindset that hard-work leads to success, students start believing it, too.

We believe that math is fun. We believe that math is a deeply creative and conceptual subject. And research shows that when teachers believe this, students score better on math exams. 

At Math Tutor Denver, another one of our core guiding principles is asking open-ended questions. We carefully craft our questions to get our students thinking and speaking about math. There is a significant body of evidence that has proven students learn mathematics when they hear themselves verbalize their own mathematical thinking. And asking open-ended questions is one way to encourage this. 

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We cordially invite you to sign up for your free in-home math tutoring session. We offer this free one-hour lesson to families living in the Denver, Colorado area who have a middle or high school student attending school here locally. Limit one per family.

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Better math grades are right around the corner. All you have to do is email us and ask for a free in-home math tutoring session. We will drive out to your home and dive right into the action, helping your child improve at math.