The Best High Schools In Colorado


Out of 185 districts, 497 high schools, and tens of thousands of devoted school personnel, there are 10 institutions that fully encompass the breadth of learning, participation, and community a high school should embody so its student body can thrive within and beyond. 


After researching a detail oriented list of schools with various contributions and analyses, we found a vast depiction of intellectual potential found here in the youth of CO. 


Below are the Niche nominated 2022 Best Public High Schools in the state of Colorado! 


  1. Cherry Creek High School (Greenwood Village, CO): Named the top ranked public high school in Colorado, Cherry Creek excels in almost every category it nourishes as an educational institution. According to Niche’s grading system, the school receives an A+ in areas such as Academics, Clubs & Activities, College Prep, & Teachers! Although it receives a B+ in Diversity, Cherry Creek strives to cultivate an environment that is competitive yet creative so every young mind feels safe and comfortable exploring what they’re passionate about! 


  1. Stargate Charter School (Thornton, CO): Stargate is a K-12 school that’s simultaneously ranked as the number one elementary school in Colorado! Even though they received a Niche grade of C+ in their Clubs & Activities efforts, this charter school packs a punch in all cognitive realms they delve into. Based upon Niche’s survey of student reviews, 100% of the students affirm that they feel safe at Stargate! 


  1. Fairview High School (Boulder, CO): This school has exemplified great efforts in health, safety, and scholastic integrity. What places them at number three in the lineup is their slightly higher than average teacher to student ratio at 23:1 (the National average is 17:1) and their B-ranked grade in diversity. However, they receive As all around for their teachers, academics, and college prep! Fairview’s students of the sort have high participation in all kinds of exploratory extracurriculars, especially athletics! 


  1. D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School (Denver, CO): While their math and reading proficiency averages lie within the low 80s percentile, D’Evelyn constitutes a caring environment for their student body. 86% of students AND parents have expressed that they agree teachers provide stimulating lessons. But guess what? About 95% of those students and parents are of the genuine belief that their wonderful staff of teachers care for their pupils. 


  1. Cheyenne Mountain High School (Colorado Springs, CO): Right in the middle of our list comes this 9-12th grade school. This school is intimate, diverse, and very community-oriented. Cheyenne Mountain receives an A- in culture & safety as well as a B in diversity. Not only that, but they have a much smaller student-to-teacher ratio determined at 16:1. 


  1. Peak to Peak Charter School (Lafayette, CO): Located in the Boulder Valley School District is this K-12 charter school. About 75% of the student body feel content with what this school offers on an extracurricular level, but under 40% actually receive the funding they need. However, this school receives high remarks for college prep efforts and overall academics! 


  1. Grandview High School (Aurora, CO): Grandview has cultivated a wonderful learning atmosphere for many of its students through amazing teachers, student diversity, and college prep. Students report that they offer a wide array of AP options for those looking to strengthen their academics but also explore other passions. Beyond AP, the school offers different levels of scholastic difficulty for students of any and all learning capacities. 


  1. Rock Canyon High School (Highlands Ranch, CO): The administration at this school is unmatched, according to student feedback. The faculty go above and beyond to show that they care about their students’ success and balancing that with nourishing extracurriculars. Not only that, but a majority of the student body & their families can agree that students actively participate in Clubs and Activities! 


  1. Boulder High School (Boulder, CO): That’s right, 100% of students surveyed have concurred that they feel safe at this top-rated school! This community loves to challenge yet rewards their students for the amazing efforts they show every day to better themselves and their cognitive abilities! Located right in the heart of Boulder, students are able to explore their academic interests but also new social opportunities due to the school’s open campus structure! 


  1. Byers High School (Denver CO): Last but certainly not least, this STEM-heavy public charter school is small yet mighty. The teachers not only establish a challenging academic environment for their students, but their smaller class ratios allow them to create much deeper and beneficial relationships with the students. However, most of the parent and student feedback wishes for more club and organizational options for kids to explore their interests and skills. 


If you want more information about these outstanding, top-rated schools and all that they have to offer, head on over to the highly-rated website Niche for their contrived List of Best Public High Schools.

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