Alright. We thought it would be fun to highlight the best taco trucks in denver, co

1. kike’s red tacos

This place is highly highly rated. It has 42+ reviews on yelp and its overall rating is close to 5 stars. Here is the inside scoop: they normally close at 8, but many nights they sell out early. (Yep—it’s really that good). So, we recommend you follow them on instagram and check their daily stories. They normally post updates there stating what has sold out. 

We went here multiple times… and waited in line… only for them to be sold out. So we really recommend getting there early. These guys make incredible tacos. And they sell out quickly!! Whenever you get there—you should be ready to wait at least 15 minutes. 

Kike’s is famous for their birria tacos. Birria is actually a Spanish term that is used to describe something without much value. It is traditionally a dish made with a number of ingredients cooked on low heat. It normally has goat meat. Birria tacos have recently become popular. It’s a really interesting phenomena actually! Birria tacos have melted cheese and are stained red, giving them a beautiful appearance. Thus they have become popular almost entirely due to instagram—as people tend to like and share the colorful photos. 

Another insider tip: try the ramen.

Kike's Red Tacos - Denver, Colorado


2. el consome de morelos 

This place is freaking awesome. They are also well known for their birria tacos. From what we’ve discovered… this is a pretty big theme in Denver. The quesadillas are also very good here. We think most things here on the menu are super good though. They serve really high quality ingredients. 

el consome de morelos - denver, colorado


3. tacos de suadero 

This little taco stand is super impressive. One of our favorite things about this place is that the tacos are only $1.50 each!! One downside though is that they don’t accept credit cards. We aren’t 100% sure these guys are still in business. But you should try giving them a call or stopping by. They also don’t have the best vegetarian options. 

Tacos De Suadero - Denver, Colorado

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