Better math grades, Guaranteed

Welcome to our industry leading guarantee. We wanted to go BIG with our money back guarantee. Our founders believe so deeply in our tutoring that they are willing to back the Platinum membership with a 100% money back guarantee, if your student doesn’t increase their math grade by one letter grade or more. 

Simple select the platinum membership and attend all three weekly tutoring sessions for three full months… and if your child’s math grades haven’t improved by a full letter grade, then we are happy to fully refund the cost of your tutoring. 

This might not make the best business sense… but we believe firmly that it is simply the right thing to do! We believe it should be a requirement that all companies selling a product or service should stand behind their offering.

Additionally, none of our memberships have long-term contracts. You can cancel anytime. To us that just makes sense and matches our core values. We would never want to lock someone into something they no longer wanted… just to make money from them. We believe that business and capitalism is about more than profit. It’s about purpose. It’s about meaning. It’s about making an impact. 

To sweeten the deal even more, we always offer a completely free in-home tutoring session (no credit card required). Yep, that’s right, we will drive out to your home and tutor your student for free! We want to make sure you like our service—and know it’s a good fit—before you pay us anything!