3rd grade

Remember back to elementary school—when you were tasked with memorizing multiplication tables? That normally happens in third grade mathematics. We recommend a more thoughtful approach that teaches the theory behind multiples.

4th grade

Kids in 4th grade should be working on mastering mental math. They should have a solid foundation on working with whole numbers. This is also the year when students work on creating equations from multiple paragraph word problems.

5th grade

Students in 5th grade have the difficult task of preparing for middle school math. We believe visual instruction is critical for teaching 5th grade math concepts. Kids should have a solid grasp of partial products and mental multiplication.

thoughtful tutors

We believe one of the most important qualities for elementary school math tutors is thoughtfulness.

our Elementary math program

Elementary school math is a time when students are building fundamental skills. It’s important that kiddos start to develop their mental math skills. We want them to have a good grasp of multiplication tables, whole numbers, and dividing. 

We think, though, that one of the most important lessons that elementary school math teachers & tutors can instill in kids is that math is about more than number and multiplying—math is a beautifully creative field that is based in concepts and creative thinking. It is so important to think about the deep concepts in mathematics and how they relate to the real world. 

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It’s never too early

At Math Tutor Denver, we are always so grateful to see parents reaching out to us for advice when their kiddos are so young. Starting early is the best time!

When you hire a math tutor early on, your kid is going to learn to love math from an early age. They will understand it. Math will make sense to them and it will be more fun. Usually, starting early also means that kids are more likely to develop a sense of math as an interesting and creative field, where deep thought and reflection matters.

Starting early also helps to build a strong relationship between the tutor and student—one that they can hopefully keep for many years to come. And even if they stop tutoring, your kiddo might be able to email the tutor and ask questions.  

try a free session

Now is the best time to get your elementary school student the help they deserve. Many times we help families who have multiple elementary school students and/or a middle schooler as well. We are happy to provide your family with a free tutoring session so that you can try us out risk free. We believe that when it comes to elementary math tutoring, the most important element is the personality of the tutor and also their own attitude and mindset about math.

If you live in Denver, Colorado and have an elementary math student, now is a great chance to claim your free math tutoring session. 

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set the foundation

Hiring a math tutor for your elementary school student will help set the foundation for future success. Our co-founder, Eric M Earle, fell behind really early on in math. He never developed an interest in math or an appreciation of the conceptual side.

By the time he was in middle school, his only hope was copying off his friend’s work. This set him further and further behind—as other students gained valuable skills and knowledge, Eric merely treaded water. Eric eventually mastered mathematics, with the help of a great tutor, when he was 25 years old! But, he realizes now what a dramatic difference a thoughtful tutor could have had on him back in elementary school. It would have changed the entire course of his life!