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Welcome to our in-home algebra tutoring page here at Math Tutor Denver. We are happy to provide you with a free algebra tutoring session. If you live here locally in Denver, one of our tutors will drive out to your home and start helping with algebra! 

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We believe that most things in life can be solved by hard work & the proper mindset

Research has shown that when math tutors view algebra as a deeply creative and contemplative subject with real-life applications, students learn quicker 

Hard work doesn’t only boil down to the student grinding in long hours of studying. We believe that both the teacher and tutor have to work hard as well. It takes a team effort for someone to learn mathematics. It’s way too frustrating and difficult to learn on your own. 

We wanted to make it easy for your student to learn algebra, so we decided to give away a free tutoring session to any family living in Denver, Colorado, with a student enrolled in algebra. 

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We are here to support your student! We will help get them through algebra—which is widely considered to be one of the most difficult high school mathematics courses. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

“Algebra is generous. She often gives more than is asked for.”

it’s all about mindset

the algebra attitude

Before any student dives into the study of algebra—we strongly recommend that they build what we call the algebra attitude. This is a mindset. It is a way of approaching the course that sets the student up for success before they even begin.

The first and most important thing we teach is that algebra is incredibly, incredibly useful. Algebra is actually the most useful subject in all of mathematicspossibly in all of k-12 education. 

Why is algebra so important? Algebra is critical because of the concepts that students can learn. For example, one famous mathematician said, “Invert, always invert.” That is true in algebra—whenever you are thinking about a question, you should always attempt working backwards to solve it. 

That is also a critical lesson to learn in life and business. 

Our co-founder, Eric M Earle, used to always struggle with mathematics. In high school, he recalls thinking how stupid and pointless math was. “What’s the point of learning algebra?” He questioned his teachers and peers. 

He lacked a mentor back then. Somehow to show him how learning algebra could help in the real-world. Now he has seen the light. At the age of 25 he not only went back to learn algebra, but he also mastered calculus as well. 

Eric is an entrepreneur and investor. Today, he uses mental algebra every single day when thinking about and analyzing investment decisions. 

He says, “Some of the best investors in the world—Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger—have said they never use calculus… it’s way too complex… but they’ve said many times that they use mental algebra to understand balance sheets and earnings growth.”

Eric continues, “It’s a shame. No one taught me this in high school. No one told me that—hey man, look—algebra is a beautiful subject that can help you in life. It can help you build wealth, change the world, and make a lasting impact.” 

Eric believes these are messages kids need to hear. And he has dedicated his life to doing so.

You are welcome to try a free in-home algebra tutoring session with one of our hand-picked local Denver, Colorado math experts.



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Feel free to email us anytime to ask more questions. We are always happy to chat about math education and algebra—regardless of whether or not you need tutoring! 

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