It’s Poppin! How One of Denver’s Well-Rounded Neighborhoods is a Beautiful Exemplification of the City’s Beauty


What’s SO Special About Denver?

It’s no secret Denver has become one of the most rapidly expanding cities to flourish in present day America. Due to its eclectic mix of outdoor life and urban living, Denver has become a hub for an assortment of people to satisfy every kind of lifestyle environment. 

One of the most compelling characteristics of the Mile High City is its malleability- there is an area for everyone, and they seamlessly flow into one another.

The reason why it’s become a flourishing hot spot as of recent is not only because of its malleability, but because of its already unique population. Denver has become increasingly popular for an assortment of people: young professionals, transplants, families, and passionate nature enthusiasts. 

There is a healthy mix of all demographics no matter where you go, but there is surely a place of residency to meet ALL passions and priorities! Whether it be a quiet quaint location to own a home, an urban night-life and food hub, or somewhere historic, Denver has it all.


Let’s Break It Down…

Denver is home to many special, vibrant, and stylish neighborhoods with their own unique style. You have RiNo for its hopping bar scene, the Business District for corporate chicness, and even Capitol Hill for its bohemian eccentricity. 

One of the more popular and renowned areas in Denver is the perfect cultivation of outdoor beauty with city living. City Park is an urban neighborhood located within the city’s center, just slightly east of the infamous 16th Street Mall. Dominated by lush green areas and lots of engaging things to do, City Park is one of those environments that creates instantaneous community through its ever evolving, multi-faceted atmosphere.


About City Park

This neighborhood is conveniently located near two of Denver’s most popular parks: Cheesman Park and the neighborhood’s namesake, City Park. No wonder nature and urban lovers alike naturally attract to this spot! 

The neighborhood is split into City Park West and City Park East. The West is populated with single-family homes, apartment buildings, and Saint Joseph Hospital. The East region of the neighborhood includes the park’s popular hot spots like the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as well as Ferrill Lake! The Denver Zoo is also located in City Park, but more north within the park.

Some of the more residency-oriented amenities include single-family homes, many hospital complexes, an array of rental options, and top public schools. The school system is especially crucial to those with young ones looking to settle and provide them resourceful education. In City Park you’ll find strong candidates such as the wonderful Denver East High School as well as Byers Middle School and Polaris Elementary School

Aside from the more domesticated aspects of City Park, the actual placement of the neighborhood itself is definitely appealing. Its proximity to downtown with a considerably more affordable price range makes it an ideal spot for singles and family units alike. The neighborhood has been described as an ideal spot for dog owners and young professionals! 

Needless to say, City Park is a prime spot for those looking to have a taste of Denver’s vibrant existence. Alongside all the amazing living opportunities are GREAT spots to experience a melting pot of cultures! There’s so many restaurants, bars (The Thin Man is a crowd favorite!), coffee shops, and shopping of the sort. 

Now, I’m sure there are MANY who are asking, “well, what are the CONS?” of living in City Park and frankly that’s a necessarily skeptical inquiry to initiate! Two of the most concerning aspects to consider (should this apply to your living parameters) have much to do with nearby and surrounding areas. Firstly, due to the neighborhood’s bordering of one of Denver’s more violent areas, Colfax Avenue, the potential for crime elevates. 

If you’re familiar with the deep rooted history of this infamous Colorado street, you’re aware of its tumultuous atmosphere. As always, it’s best to do all the research you can to fit YOUR needs!

The second “con” or concern would be the loud atmosphere depending upon the closeness to one of the larger hospitals. City Park is not only home to Saint Joseph Hospital, but a few other health clinics. The ongoing activity of ambulances may create a siren-esque background noise. On the other hand, the proximity to these emergency services can be seen as a resourceful perk as well!

All in all, City Park is just one of the infinite examples that Denver is continuing to prove itself as an amazing place to create and live life to the fullest. With the mountains in eye’s sight and the diversity of the city environment comes a beautiful convergence of modern day with the country’s beauty.

If you’re looking to move within Colorado, or take on the state as your next place of residency, it’s advised to research optimal options for your individualized life!

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