6th grade

In 6th grade students begin taking a harder look at data. They should be able to use ratios to analyze and understand data sets. This is also an important time where students learn how to graph data on coordinate plots.

7th grade

Math starts to get a little more tricky and challenging in 7th grade. Students begin working more with equations and sets of equations. They are expected to answer real-life questions and even use some basic pre-algebraic expressions.

8th grade

Kids are about to enter the big leagues—high school math! This is a critically important year where students either excel or fall short in their preparation. It’s important that students gain preliminary skill in algebra, geometry, & statistics.  

engaging tutors

Let’s face it—kids can start losing interest in math during middle school. Peer pressure, attempting to look cool, you name it. Math is not on the top of their list. That’s why we believe the most important skill a middle school math tutor can have is the ability to engage their students.

our middle school math program

Middle school math can feel like three long years of preparation. And it’s sort of true—students are indeed preparing for high school mathematics. And that’s important. Still, middle school can also be a time when students realize and come to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. 

We want to engage students not only with the details—but also with the bigger concepts. We want students to wrestle with tough conceptual thinking. We encourage our students to think creatively and try to apply what they are learning in their courses to real-world examples and problems. It is so helpful if students begin to see the inherent usefulness of math at this age! Because that is very hard to instill during the teenage / high school years! Trust us! 

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the middle way

We believe in the middle way for middle school math. Tutoring sessions should not be overly intense or too focused on repetitive drilling of concepts. Nor should sessions be all fun and theory-based. Middle school math needs to follow the middle path. These tutoring sessions need elements of both memorization and creative thinking.

We try to develop our middle school students as creative wholistic thinkers who are able to apply their knowledge to real-world math problems. This type of thinking will ensure your student is ready for high school math. They will be more confident and self-assured going into it high school.

free session

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Enjoy a free math tutoring session on us! We want to make sure that you love our service before you ever pay us a dime. That just makes sense. 

So try us out for free. We will send an engaging tutor over for an in-home middle school math tutoring session. It’s very rare that our tutors aren’t a good fit for families. It has maybe happened 1 or 2 times as long as we’ve been doing this. That’s because we’re good at what we do! 

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prepare now

The time to start preparing for high school math and beyond is right now! If you wait until algebra or pre-calc, it might be too late. We see so many students attempting to play catch up in high school. Parents call us midway through an entire year of algebra—their kid is struggling, they tell us. Or often, parents wait until the following year… telling us that their student struggled all last year in algebra.

This means students end up with poor grades permanently on their report card, or many times they have to re-take entire courses. But you can prevent this with a little preparation! It goes a long way.