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Both private and public institutions in Colorado strive to embody the importance of rigorous local education, and all the unique ways they can do so for their students. It has become increasingly more popular nowadays to incorporate STEM education into school districts to best prepare young minds for potential careers that involve intense certifications and backgrounds for optimal success.


But first off, what is STEM?

STEM is a distinct branch of education. The acronym stands for the core fields of education it covers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But it goes beyond those basic disciplines. STEM is an interdisciplinary type of education that combines modern-day technology with classic subjects such as math and science. Merging these disciplines creates an opportunity for many to learn many life skills.

Because STEM incorporates many logically based practices, it cultivates the necessity to build and/or fortify skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, reasoning, and even research!


STEM In Colorado

STEM is quite a prominent discipline in Colorado. Colorado’s niche success in various agricultural and engineering environments makes it a great state to integrate STEM into education.

Within recent years, many schools in Colorado have gained recognition and prestige for exemplifying well-executed STEM programs. This grants all students the profound chance to showcase their academic talents while also partaking in mental rigor to prepare them for the careers that lie ahead.

Here are the top ten STEM schools located right in CO! Be sure to check out their respective websites for more information about their intense curriculums, wonderful staff, and extracurricular programs!


Top 10 STEM Schools in Colorado

  1. Kent Denver School (Englewood, CO): This is a private co-ed college preparatory school designed to accommodate grades 6 through 12! Kent Denver provides an intimate learning environment with its 8:1 student-teacher ratio, ensuring every student gets the support they need. Speaking of support, Kent Denver has designated individuals on teams specifically for Student Wellness as well as College Counseling! 
  2. Colorado Academy (Denver, CO): Now THIS is a school that evolves with the times. CA is a private K-12 liberal arts academy crafted to provide a safe and enlightening space for all students to attune to their sense of curiosity and forward-thinking. The institution has signature programs such as Global Travel, Interim Program, Outdoor Education, even Service-based Learning!
  3. STEM School Highlands Ranch (Highlands Ranch, CO): STEM School is a FREE public institution without the traditional education approach. They are very candid about breaking grading norms by using a Standards Based Learning system to ensure clear communication of the mastery students retains for essential content. Support is one of their biggest priorities as a school with various resources for College Prep, Family & Community, even Academic and Mental Health initiatives.
  4. Fairview High School (Boulder, CO): FWith a diversified academic curriculum perfect for all passions, Fairview is a great choice for STEM students. They provide detailed requirements and options to accommodate all needs, maintaining a proactive approach to learning by assigning counselors to incoming students starting in 8th grade. 
  5. D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School (Denver, CO): Ranked one of the top high schools in CO, D’Evelyn High School’s foundation was built upon establishing an opportunity for ALL kinds of students to succeed. They are most well known for their alternative academic approaches with specially tailored academic requirements able to exemplify their priority in exercising analytical thinking and objective knowledge. They do require an application for enrollment as well as visits to the school itself for detailed accounts of what they’re all about.
  6. Cherry Creek High School (Greenwood Village, CO): As a public high school, Cherry Creek strives to ensure they cover EVERY area of learning possible through their guiding principles: Mental Health & Physical Fitness, Communication Skills, Civic Competence & Responsibility, and Use of Leisure Time. Their STEM program is ranked within the country’s Top 100; they have courses covering areas such as Data Systems, Video Production, Biochemistry, iOS Programming, and more!
  7. Peak to Peak Charter School (Lafayette, CO): This K-12 liberal arts college prep charter school is a great community for creativity, scholarship, and collaborative work! Their secondary programs exemplify the diversity of STEM education, creating multiple science and math courses readily available for all levels of learning (like AP and IB). This is one of their amazing efforts to create comprehensive college prep for those aiming to pursue arduous careers in STEM!
  8. Dawson School (Lafayette, CO): Voted Best Private School before 2021-2022, Dawson strives to make their Lower, Middle, and High School divisions feel seen and understood. One of their outstanding academic programs is known as Experiential Learning; it starts as routine day trips then progresses into overnight and weeklong trips for older students. They also have what is known as a Winterim program where students partake in thematic programs that can potentially take place in another country! All in all, Dawson resources real-life experience to create an immersive education early on.
  9. Monarch High School (Louisville, CO): This isn’t your average high school. Monarch has LOTS of academic programs like AP, but there are two that stick out from the rest. Monarch’s CU Succeed Program is designed to give students the chance to take University of Colorado-Denver courses taught by Monarch faculty throughout their school day! This is a great way to show them the reality of college education and the preparatory measures they can achieve! Monarch has an outstanding STEM-Engineering program with state-of-the-art technology and courses also perfect for rigorous college-prep in the specific field! 
  10. DSST Montview High School (Denver, CO): One of the shining stars of DSST is Montview! As an insulation apart of the Denver School of Science and Technology organization, Montview is a public charter school that encompasses STEM education. They start as early as 9th grade instilling the elective option for young minds to try their hand at Creative Engineering, an elective not traditionally offered at that age. Not only that, but their core curriculum has LOTS of difficulty levels to cover the breadth of STEM education!


Which one stuck out to you? Check them out to see what amazing opportunities they can provide for your own child or the young intelligent mind of someone you may know!

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