What makes D’EVELYN HIGH school so special? More importantly, what does it take to enroll your child in this rigorous school?


general background

Within recent years, there has been a moderate increase in the diversification of learning environments for students. For instance, there are magnet schools, specialized career schools, STEM schools, charter schools, and other kinds of institutions. It’s proven moderately beneficial to cultivate an environment different from the traditional one for all kinds of students to receive any opportunity they can to thrive. 

Nowadays, it’s quite common for junior and senior high schools to be alternate learning environments. Due to their closeness to college, they aim to create a well-rounded curriculum for their students; they experience relevant academic rigor all the while exploring their intellectual passions. 


D’EVELYN’s Purpose

One of Colorado’s finest schools to prove the efficiency of alternate learning environments is D’Evelyn Junior and Senior High School. With a 98% graduation rate and some of the highest test scores in the country, it’s no wonder they’re ranked number one in the state of Colorado. 

What makes them so special? According to D’Evelyn, they’re a school of the belief that “ the purpose of education is to convey an essential body of cultural knowledge to the next generation”. As a liberal arts school, they strive to emphasize independent, analytical thinking based on objective knowledge; as the students advance each year, as does the complexity of the knowledge they are provided. 

Each of the school subject’s requirements enforces yet complements one another. That’s why they require specific levels of academic achievement for each subject. For example, they require English & Social Studies for four years to strengthen critical thinking skills; however, Math is only required for three years to cover its fundamental subcategories. They put meticulous thought and care into their content-rich curriculum to ensure every student can have a healthy balance of all learning areas. 


D’EVELYN academics

Academics are not the only requirement for success at D’Evelyn; they require 22 credits of elective courses to graduate. This is a great way to instill creative liberty for the students to pursue new or impassioned learnings! Upperclassmen, that is students in 11th and 12th grade can have the chance to take International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses for further college readiness. 


D’EVELYN Extracurriculars

Even the Extracurricular program at D’Evelyn is special! While the school’s academic parameters are considerate of electives, the school has a wide array of different activities for students to further develop their unique interests and passions. The extracurricular programs and clubs are divided into various categories: Academic, Art, Culture & Diversity, Drama, Leadership, Music, & Speciality Clubs. 

D’Evelyn High School’s dedication to specialty alongside its high success rates makes them a prime option within the Jefferson County School District. Because they are an option school, this means that parents can actively choose to send their child(ren) to school grades 6 through 12. However, there is a process of application to be enrolled.


application process

What does it take, you ask? Well, there are a few parameters.

For one thing, D’Evelyn only accepts applications for grades 6 through 9, however not 10-12 to ensure the student has an optimal amount of time for their experience at the school. If you want your child(ren) to be considered for the school, there are various events and applications to be tended to.

First, it’s required to attend at least ONE of D’Evelyn High School’s Prospective Student Information Meetings. You can find the scheduled events on their Enrollment page! This is to make sure the Prospective child receives the optimal amount of information about the program, faculty, and principles. 

Next, there’s a D’Evelyn Open House for all families to meet members of the student body, teachers, extracurricular faculty, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the special group of people able to make this school a great place to send your child!

There’s only one exception to this enrollment process. Attendees of Dennison Elementary School gain priority into D’Evelyn, being that they directly feed into the school starting at 7th grade. 



Once you attend all the necessary events, there’s an online portal opening up to fill out choice enrollment applications. All those applications go into a lottery for approval of enrollment!

The lottery is formulated in stages, meaning certain parameters gain precedence over others. For example, students gain a higher level of priority in the lottery if they have a sibling already enrolled in the school or they attend the Elementary school that directly leads into D’Evelyn High School. 

D’Evelyn makes the application well worth the reward should your child gain enrollment. They make for such a well-run, revolutionized, intimate school for your young mind to flourish!

If you want to learn more about D’Evelyn, check out their website!

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